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Binh Duong

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Acme Co., Ltd

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Brigde Saw

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17.000,- €  (inkl. MwSt.)

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A basic bridge sawing machine is perfectly suitable for medium and wide factories manufactured in Vietnam.

The machine is assembled into a complete structure consisting of a main beam placed on two rails at both ends. The main beam moves in and out along the two ends of the rails and the cutting head moves left and right along the main girder.

The 360 ​​° turntable is accurate to cut all sides of the part. All of the machine's functions are controlled through a control cabinet located on the right side of the machine.



Cover with aluminum, anti-rust cover.
Accurate measuring system by Encoder: is displayed on the screen, the input and output travel distance is displayed and can be set to easily move distance, zero position starts easily via the button press.
Control cabinet: All operations are performed on the control cabinet. The machine has a homing function to keep away from the work area when not in use.
The cutting speed can be changed: depending on the hardness of the material that can adjust the speed accordingly. There is a sensor switch on both ends to interrupt the movement easily.
Up-and-down moving head: Easy to adjust - down distance is suitable for cutting and controlled by limit switch.
Laser lights to adjust details in line with easy cutting.
Hydraulic lifting table system from 0- 80o to put the stone plate up easily.

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