Marble Shot Blasting Machines

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Marble Shot Blasting Machines
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KUM-SA Marble Shot Basting Machines are the most preferred blasting machines in the sector. Our company that knows the marble sector well, makes actual the requests that come from valuable customers after long term studies and practices in computer environment and tries to produce the most appropriate machine for your production line.

Intended size production can be made. Our company that warrants dustless and trouble free working with special fiter system and design, minimizes the expense cost with the special castings too. Marble shot blasting machine is a type of shot blasting machine that is manufactured for decorativeblasting of floors and wall boards, blasting of marble figures and marble pillars, blasting of kerbs, stairs and external floor coverings, blasting of  granite, travertine, natural stones etc.

The marble shot blasting machine forms of main body(cabin), elevator, separator, platform, dust catcher system, filter, control panel.

Standard designs of the marble shot blasting machine was designed in 2 different models in such a way that can blast stones have sizes of 700 mm (MERKUM-70) and 1000 mm (MERKUM-100). Besides, our custom design machines are available to blast stones which have smaller and bigger sizes (300x300 mm, 400x300 mm, 2100xFree Length etc.), (MERKUM-70/A).

As per order, marble shot blasting machines with "Blower and Dryer" are available. 


At the system, it is on exit direction of the cabin but in the cabin. It is used to clean the dust on the material remains after brushing procedure.


At the system there  is a dryer. The dryer is formed of 4 fans that have 2.2 kw power and chain moving conveyor. It operates integrated to the system. 2 fans from bottom and 2 fans from top blow and try to remove the wetness on the material. 


At the system as distinct from the other machines, Hydrous Filter is used.  Via this system, intense dust formation is stopped and filter cartridge expense is resolved.

Our company that chooses customer satisfaction and quality manufacture as a target, makes production as to different size and different kind requests of the customers and it will continue to be arising star of shot blasting sector. 


Materials that will be blasted are put on movement belt. Going speed of the belt can be adjusted between 1m/min. and 2.5 m/min. by speed control. To make required roughening on the material surface, steel ball selection and belt speed must be adjusted. To start the machine, from the control panel the necessary buttons are pushed (After montage of the machine, work and maintenance education will be given) and the machine is started. Material that will be blasted moves along on the belt and goes into bombartment range. Over here, required surface roughness is tried to get by hit of steel balls which are thrown from the türbine. Steel balls fall of the machine base and from here they are transmitted to the elevator by the help of helix (spiral) and from the elevator they are transmitted to the separator. In the separator, steel balls and dust are separated. Clean steel balls are transmitted to  the türbine and the dust is transmitted to the filter. In the filter, dusty air is purified from dust and dust stays in filter cage.  Cleaned air is sent out. The air which goes out from the filter is suitable for emission values. Blasted material gets out from bombartment cabin is now ready for other processes. 

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Kumsa Shot Blasting Machines

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