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Slab polishing

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The new generation slab polishing line: Momentum® by Toksel. 

This brand new technology slab polishing machine which is made in Turkey including the software, has not only a new appearance but also renovated qualities. By lightening the mobile bridge with two different methods, operation speed has been significantly increased compared to traditional machines. Momentum, the new generation slab polishing machine offers operation speed up to 70 m/min to its upcoming owners. Firstly in old slab polishing machines, heavy bridges that carry polishing heads cause loss of energy and restriction of production speed due to inertia. Whereas in Momentum, traditional bridge is eliminated and heads mounted together to form modular units. Dividing into modules each composed of four heads instead of a single heavy bridge is the second method that accelerates the speed. 

Number of modules composed of four heads can be offered according to your production needs. Each module can be operated at different speeds simultaneously. So modules can be operated in varying speeds that are optimum required for thick or thin abrasives. Independent modules provide opportunity to continue working in some modules while stopping another module for maintenance or abrasive replacement if needed.

In every Momentum polishing head there is an anti-pressure system active to balance heads’ weight to adjust pressure from pressure scale. Along with precise and effective polishing it prevents over usage of abrasive.

In Momentum the lift off motion of the polishing heads is fixated on maximum 1 cm. from the slab surface. So it promises a homogenous polishing quality all over the slab.

Toksel is the first to use photo-electric sensor technology in slab polishing machines in the world. With the help of photo-electric sensor system slab dimensions and tiny fractures on stones are being scanned at high definition.

By using a double platform in polishing heads, stability and rigidity are achieved. Thereby better and flawless polishing is aimed.

Just like all other products from Toksel, replaceable stainless steel is used under the conveyor belt of Momentum. All the components that are contacting the water are especially chosen as stainless or bronze in order to maximize life expectancy of the machine. Yet another interesting feature of Momentum is the oiling system of polishing heads is automatic and they are using liquid lubricant instead of grease. This detail increases the lifetime of all the mechanical parts and bearings.

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