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On our homepage you can offer and purchase all products, from the natural stone itself to the right tools and accessories for every step from raw stone to finished work.

With us you can SEARCH - FIND - BUY - SELL and all in one! If you are interested, you are welcome to visit our marketplace. There are numerous offers for CNC machines, used machines, trucks, forklifts, blank panels, manufacturing, ceramic tiles, natural stone tiles, crane systems, woodworking as well as much more.

What makes natural stone special and what is it suitable for?

Natural stones are divided into several categories - marble, granite, basalt, schist, quartzite and others.

Marble is the collective name for all polishable limestones. The term comes from the ancient Greek word "Marmaros", which means "to shine" or "to shimmer". This natural stone enjoys great popularity, especially for its unmistakable brilliance, and is recommended by us for indoor use.

Granite is the most widespread group of deep rocks. Granite is known for its robustness and hardness. In this natural stone, beauty and elegance combine with the sturdy nature of the stone. Granit offers a diverse range of colors with a wide variety of natural surfaces.

The surfaces of natural stones can be processed by various working techniques (e.g., polishing, sticking, flaming, brushing, grinding or blasting). These individual design possibilities offer a true splendor in diversity to meet your particular needs.

Natural stones of any kind are suitable i.a. Ideal for making and designing kitchen tops, vanities, treads and tombs. They not only convey a sense of elegance and strength, they also stand for timelessness and permanence.

If you want to create a luxurious ambience with feel-good character in your home or office, then natural stone is the perfect material to make your individual wishes come true. Natural stone is not only made for the interior of the house, it is also suitable for outdoor use and also offers a wide variety of application and design options here.

In addition to our wide range of natural stones of any kind, you will find garden furniture, tables, benches, seating, wells, paving stones and much more. Thanks to modern technology, it is possible to use CNC machines to produce unique workpieces (for example washbasins, shower bases for your bathroom or massive worktops). Also for the laying of marble, granite or ceramic tiles you will find suitable and experienced suppliers.

If you are looking for natural stone remnants, you have come to the right place.

We give you the opportunity to offer natural stone remnants to resell excess material. You also have the option to buy in order to perfect your own style with small details.

You are a professional and interested in materials for processing natural stone?

We offer a wide range of chemical cleaning products, special adhesives and diamond tools that you need for unique processing of tombs, kitchen or floor slabs. In addition, you will find on our platform next to used machines, job advertisements for offers and requests as well as company sales.